Our lessons are special as you are.


The Learning Centre provides a bespoke education for every child to meet their unique needs, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. The personalised approach is mapped for both maths and English taken from the National Curriculum and tailored to the grammar tests (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning). The TLC aims to meet the GL assessment for the Birmingham schools and Cambridge CEM for Walsall schools. The TLC team also promotes a love of learning, instils and develops curiosity, and improves children’s focus and dedication to their long-term goals.


  • Teach skills and knowledge for the child’s long-term cognitive development.
  • Inspiring a love of learning in every child.
  • We are honest with your child’s academic progress and areas for improvement to meet their individual needs.
  • Learning is all about confidence! Our bespoke lessons are built around the child’s prior knowledge with the view to the next realistic goal.
  • We listen and engage with both what children and parents want.

Our teachers are:

  • DBS checked
  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers
  • Experienced over 6 years
  • Passionate about delivering the lessons
  • Dedicated to meeting the child’s goals

Our teachers can:

  • Explain challenging concepts
  • Address misconceptions easily
  • Invoke confidence
  • Encouraging children to aim higher
  • Celebrating children’s wins

Why choose us?

  • Enjoyed by kids
  • Recommended by parents
  • Planned by qualified, experienced teachers

TLC offer 1:1 tutoring/group tutoring for 11 Plus. Maths and English is taken from the National Curriculum.

The Brave 6

We encourage children to ask questions to know more.

We encourage children to try their best.

We encourage positive attitude to learn from their mistakes.

We encourage children to explore different materials.

We can maintain children’s engagement in lessons. 

We encourage children to be honest with their learning. 

The brave 6 will help your child to achieve their goal. The Learning Centre can do that for you.  

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

TLC offer a free assessment for every child. To book a no-obligation assessment