11 Plus

Our 11 Plus tutoring classes are designed to produce high pass rates. It covers both the Cambridge CEM and GL assessment to provide a high possibility of success. Our lessons cover every aspect of the 11 Plus components in great detail. We deliver the fundamental principles of the subjects; allowing children to explore different concepts and ideas through a variety of concrete materials. This approach is then taught through pictorial and abstract to deepen children’s knowledge and self-confidence.

11 Plus is the entrance exam for grammar schools in England, taken by children who are in Year 6. In Birmingham, there is one exam board: GL assessment and Cambridge CEM for Walsall. They all have different pass rates which can be accessed on the individual grammar school websites. 

The four main areas of the 11 Plus exams are:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Maths
  • English

All subjects are taught with precise and concise planning, challenging children of all levels. Every child receives the opportunity to participate in 11 Plus examination papers to ensure children become familiar with the testing format of both exam boards. We support children with tackling time during the exam by taking regular tests throughout their preparation and providing extensive feedback with both parents and children.

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