We are a tutoring centre based in Erdington, Birmingham delivering high-quality teaching and learning for all children. We are qualified professionals providing face to face as well as online tuition for maths and English booster sessions and 11 Plus preparation for Grammar schools. Many children have passed the 11 Plus test and have been successful in securing a place of their chosen Grammar school. The Grammar schools that we cover are: Sutton Coldfield Grammar School, King Edward VI Grammar Schools, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, Queen Mary’s High School and Queen Mary’s High School. Our teaching methods and approaches are thorough and time-tested, allowing children to make steady progress.

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11 Plus Tutoring Services

We have developed an extensive and thorough teaching materials for our children to achieve their goal. We are dedicated to meeting and helping your child’s chances of securing a place at a Grammar School. Our centre is based on ‘Our Values’ and this enables The Learning Centre to encourage children to set high expectations of their academic progress.

  • 11 Plus tutoring lessons for both GL assessment and Cambridge CEM syllabus
  • Qualified teachers
  • Excellent pass rates
  • Lessons planned in an effective manner (bespoke)
  • Continuous assessments
  • Free assessment
  • Group tutoring
  • 1:1 tutoring
  • Regular feedback (written and verbal)
  • Weekly homework
  • Face-to-face or online

English and Maths KS1 & KS2 Tuitions

Our lessons are tailored to meet every child’s unique needs, aiming to bridge the gap in their knowledge. This stems from the National Curriculum requirements. We teach maths using the core fundamental concepts through the CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract). This strategy helps children build a foundation for their basic understanding and gradually deepen this knowledge through skills and other representations. As for English, we base the task on a book and then incorporate the grammar, punctuation and word classes in the lessons, or we teach the skill as a standalone lesson, depending on the child and their requirements. Both English and maths involve reasoning skills and exam-style questions to support children with the exposure they may face at school. The exam-style questions allow the children to apply the taught skills and knowledge independently. Not only does this teaching approach help build children’s confidence and self-esteem, but also their motivation to want to do better.


We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible impact you have had on her. Your dedication, passion & unwavering support as her tutorial teacher have made a world of difference in her development, particularly to her English. We understand that there is still lots of room for her to improve. However your belief in her abilities has boosted her confidence and inspired her to reach new heights. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that she receives the attention and support she needs. Please accept our deepest appreciation for all that you do and we feel fortunate to have you as my daughter's tutorial teacher.

Mr & Mrs Chan


Nikita is a fantastic tutor. My daughter is doing 11plus and Nikita provides her with all the materials. Her weekly lessons are well planned and organised. We receive detailed feedback from each lesson and advice on what to work on at home. We’ve seen an improvement in our daughter. She is gaining more and more confidence along the way. Would highly recommend Nikita.

Mrs Parekh

Nikita, is an amazing tutor. She has helped me to overcome my fear of maths and built up my confidence to solve mathematical problems! She is a fun, enthusiastic tutor who makes learning fun.

Mrs Patel

Nikita is a fantastic tutor. Right from the beginning she understood the areas of improvement our son needed. His weekly lessons are well planned and organised. We receive detailed feedback from each lesson and advice on what to work on at home. We’ve noticed an big improvement in our sons Maths and English and his gaining more and more confidence along the way. Would highly recommend Nikita.

Mrs Boyle

A kind teacher who helped my child a lot in learning, giving him a big boost in his education.

Mrs Patel

Nikita taught my daughter 1-2-1 and she quickly identified her strengths, weaknesses and learning style. In each lesson she focused on these, using the best methods for my daughter who quickly grew in confidence and looked forward to each lesson. This was great tutoring and her tailored approach is highly recommended.

Mrs Parekh



TLC offer a free assessment for every child. To book a no-obligation assessment